Chris Brown, of the CSPR, on the economic impacts of SB-181 in Colorado
The team sits down with Chris Brown, director of policy & research at Common Sense Policy Roundtable, to discuss what the passage of SB-181 could mean for energy producers in Colorado and consumers around the country.
Institute for Energy Research: March 20, 2019
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What will oil and gas reform mean for Colorado?
Two scenarios: One of harmony, another of economic devastation
The Durango Herald: March 19, 2019, by Ryan Maye Handy
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Buz Koelbel with The Common Sense Policy Roundtable joins Ross Kaminsky
630 KHOW: March 18, 2019
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How would new regulations impact the oil and gas industry in Colorado? Here’s what we know.
One of the most debated points of the Colorado legislation is its economic impact, but both sides acknowledge they don’t know all the answers
The Colorado Sun: March 18, 2019, by John Frank
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Research & Commentary: Oil and Gas Regulation Overhaul Bill would have Deleterious Effect on Colorado Economy
Proposal Would Be De Facto Moratorium On All New Drilling Activity
The Heartland Institute: March 12, 2019, by Tim Benson
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New Study Analyzes the Cost of SB 19-181
New bill creates immense uncertainty and authorizes state and local policy that could have dramatic impact on the energy industry
REMI Partnership: March 12, 2019

‘This is a job killer’: Colorado oil and gas reform threatens to slow state economy, industry says
Outcry spreads as sweeping drilling reforms clear another committee.
Denver Business Journal: March 8, 2019, by Greg Avery
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Krista talks to Kristin Strohm, President of Common Sense Policy Roundtable
Kristin Strohm, President & CEO of the Common Sense Policy Roundtable joins Krista Kafer on 630 KHOW to discuss the latest REMI Partnership study, Denver Initiative 300: Impacts on the Homeless and Society by Granting Unimpeded Access to Public Space.
630 KHOW – Krista Kafer Show: March 7, 2019
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Elizabeth PeetzThe Ross Kaminsky Show, 630 KHOW
Elizabeth Peetz, Vice President of Government Affairs, Colorado Association of REALTORS® and a REMI Partner joined host Ross Kaminsky on his show to discuss the latest REMI study, Denver Initiative 300: Impacts on the Homeless and Society by Granting Unimpeded Access to Public Space.
iHeart Radio: March 4, 2019, 65:00-76:30
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Legislative assault on oil and gas would betray voters, devastate economy
“Last November, Coloradans voted decisively to reject Proposition 112, the ballot initiative that would have effectively ended new oil and gas development in the state.”
Colorado Politics: March 1, 2019, by Sarah MacQuiddy and Rich Werner
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Does Denver’s urban camping ban need to go? Voters decide this May
The Denver Channel: February 19, 2019
“Initiative 300 would reverse ban put in place in 2012”
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Carroll: We can help homeless without sacrificing public spaces
Denver Post: December 15, 2019, by Vincent Carroll
“The most important vote that Denver residents cast this year may not be for mayor. A better candidate is a ballot measure most voters probably haven’t even heard of yet: Initiative 300, which would overturn the city’s ordinance that outlaws camping in parks or on sidewalks, or setting up residence in a car.”
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